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Practical Applications

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Practical Applications


•    The study of Cultivation Analysis can help determine how a person is affected when exposed to too much television. Studies can be done to see if over exposure to negative things on television will change the way a person thinks about his/her own safety.


•    Since many viewers can be influenced by what they continually see on television, media producers take on additional responsibility when marketing a product. Beauty products for example can be misleading and can confuse girls into thinking that their natural beauty needs to be covered up.


•    The government should harshly monitor websites like YouTube and disallow anyone to upload offensive content, keeping public web pages to be visible to everyone.


•    Parents should make sure that their children aren’t being exposed to certain shows that would promote violent behavior or exemplify hostile situations for them to mimic. They could try using strict parental blocks on channels that are too graphic for children to see, or they should try monitoring the shows as they watch with their kids.


•    People should learn the difference between the media world and the real world. People need to understand that in reality, wrong actions are punished with harsh repercussions, compared to movies and television shows where slapping someone across the face can sometimes be seen as comedy.



Information and Data Organized by D2J3 Spring 2008

Jonathan Jeong • Daniel Tompos • Johnathan Saller • Jeremy Williams • Dina Yacoub



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